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Modern parquet flooring is one of the most interesting interior design trends to make a comeback during the last decade. This style of flooring is highly desirable and sought after today for its many pros, mainly its stunning style. With a diverse range of color and finish choices, modern parquet flooring is most certainly going to suit the rest of your décor.
Today, interior designers from all over the world are seeking parquet to use for their projects, in order to accomplish a timeless and chic style that stays in fashion throughout the years. If you are a homeowner currently looking at flooring options available to you, this article is a perfect starting place for you to get familiar with modern parquet flooring and learn more about it.

The history of Parquet:

Like most things that are fancy and luxurious, modern parquet flooring finds its roots in France, particularly during the 16th century. Parquet flooring started out as a cheaper and more practical alternative to marble and stone floors, which weren’t accessible to many people back then. Not as pretty as we know it today, parquet began with much simpler designs and shapes. Big triangular parquet floors used to be glued to concrete then and hand scraped before the finish. Few years down the line, parquet planks gained their rectangular shapes that we know now thanks to skilled craftsmen.
From here onwards, parquet knew what can only be described as a golden age of fame, I which it became it became a synonym of elegance and luxury on peasant homes and Royal palaces alike. During the 1680s, when parquet became a statement piece in the famous Palais de Versailles, is when the trend sent waves throughout Europe and the whole world.
Today, modern parquet flooring is renowned for being a vintage and timeless addition to add to your home. Many people seek it out for its material quality, its ability to withstand time, and its cozy look.


  • Timeless and Versatile Style: Modern parquet flooring is an easy way to upgrade a boring space to a unique, breathtaking one. From offices, to living rooms, to restaurants, parquet can be installed almost anywhere without ever feeling out of place.
  • Variety of choice: When it comes to modern parquet flooring, you have the option to choose almost any type of wood you desire. This of course comes with a multitude of color and grain options. Another great thing with parquet is that you can personalize the stain, finish and pattern of your floor.
  • Easy installation: Parquet is considered one of the easier types of floors to install, since it comes in the shape of rectangular planks that you can easily work with. Rather than nailing, you only need to glue parquet planks to the sub-floor, let them dry, and you’re done!
  • Durability: Parquet is the type of flooring that can definitely last you for generations, if properly taken care of. Because it is made of pure hardwood, parquet holds onto the strength properties of the wood essence which makes it extremely durable and long lasting.


  • Maintenance requirements: In order to keep your parquet looking happy and healthy, it is essential to reseal, sand, and polish your tiles periodically. Every 5 years or so, make sure you reseal sand and reseal our parquet to make sure no dampness is being allowed to penetrate the wood.
  • Not scratch-proof: If you have pets, just keep in mind that modern parquet flooring is not going to be resistant to their scratches. This also includes scratches from any sharp objectives hitting the floor. This issue is easily fixed during the periodical process of sanding and resealing.
  • Can fade due to sunlight exposure: Just like natural wood, modern parquet flooring that is installed outside or is constantly exposed to sunlight can fade in color overtime. This is a natural process that happens over the span of multiple years, and can be fixed by the use of special parquet stains.
  • High cost: Since most modern parquet flooring is made of hardwood planks, the cost of renovating a space can get pretty high. This is to ensure that the wood trade is ethical and to count for the labor that goes into making parquet planks. For a lower bill, you can opt for engineered parquet which does not use pieces of pure wood all the way through.

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Maintenance and care:

Maintaining a healthy looking set of modern parquet flooring is actually pretty simple once you get the hang of it! All you need is some good-old sweeping and dry mopping as far as daily care goes. Remember that a microfiber mop works best for all types of wood flooring. Avoid steam mops at all costs, since they can allow moisture to seep into the food, consequently damaging it! For more in depth cleaning, you can clean your floor using a parquet specific product. As for wet spills, make sure you sopped them up immediately and wipe the area using a paper towel.
Depending on the depth of the face layer of your parquet planks, sanding every 5 or so years should be totally okay, followed up by sealing and re-finishing. We recommend that you get professional help for this step though.

Sounds like modern parquet flooring is really an interior designer’s safe haven, right? No wonder why more and more people are drawn to it every year. We hope that through this article, we were able to demystify this unique type of flooring. Now you are a bit more informed in order to be able to choose whether parquet is the flooring option for you or not.
This article encapsulates pretty much everything you need to know as a home owner or interior design enthusiast about modern parquet flooring. We hope this post was an easy and entertaining read for you; In which case we advise you to check out the rest of our website for more info about different types of parquet flooring. For further info or any inquiries, make sure you contact us here so that we can get back to you as soon as possible!